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The Rockhampton City Brass Band through time

The band will play at the Rockhampton Heritage Village Markets this Sunday March 14th at 9am, 10am and 11am.

For Band Members

We will be playing just inside the main front gate which is opposite the Parkhurst Tavern which is in the street off the highway.

When you enter optionally pay the gold coin donation, turn right and we are playing  on the road at the back of the “wool shed” so it should be very easy to find. There is a big three there too I believe  but I don’t know if it will give us shade.

We are to play at 9, 10 and 11 so arrive by 8:30 to help with final set up please. We are planning on about 25 minutes per session.


Dress that was decided was white shirt, no tie, but hat in case of sun.


Songs will be selected from these depending on who is there at each session.

  • Brass Band boogie
  • Beer Barrel Polka
  • Boom boom
  • Cross Of Honor The
  • Flintstones
  • Fiesta Della Costa
  • Guantanamera
  • Greenbrier
  • James Bond Theme The
  • In The MOod
  • Lion sleeps Tonight The
  • Kracken
  • Mr Jumms
  • Pink Panther Theme
  • Sing Along Max
  • Side By Side
  • Sweet Gingerbread Man
  • Smoke On The WAter
  • Those Magnificent Men
  • Valero
  • What A Wonderful world
  • Voice Of The Guns The
  • When The Saints Go Marching In
  • Volare
  • Victoria

See you there!

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Friday August 21 saw the hall sitting happily on its new stumps. Sporting a new “flat look” visitors can see just how far parts of it had sunk. Very little internal damage was sustained – the advantage of wooden construction – and the only internal issue is the large instrument cupboard which was built when the hall wasn’t level. Keith has already lowered many of the internal doors back to their proper height and they’re opening and closing as they should – something we haven’t seen for a couple of years!

We’ll post some more “after” photos, but here’s a quick look at the much cleaner area under the hall and the very consistent looking stumps (with sixty tonnes of concrete!). There’s still some plumbing work to complete but things will be working for Bingo’s return and then tidied up next week. There’s a a little more work to fix up the back stairs and decking as well as replacing the battens but then the whole building will be finished.

Well done to Lammi Bros Restumping for a job well done and a big thank you to those who assisted us get to this point. The Gambling Community Benefits Fund provided us with a grant of $28 000 which covered nearly half of the whole cost and has enabled us to undertake the project.

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Things are progressing nicely and about five trucks worth of concrete was poured and pumped under the hall. It’s all looking much more ship shape now. Once it’s dried a bit the hall will be lowered onto the poles and properly leveled. It seems that the back area of the hall where the toilets are was added to the building when it wasn’t level, now the pipes don’t reach the ground! The plumbers should have us up and running by Saturday for bingo’s return and then cleaned up next week.

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With the holes dug and inspected under the hall is looking a lot cleaner after a lot of rubbish and dirt has been removed. The poles are being hung and once they’re ready concrete will be poured around them.

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During: The dig

The lads from Lammi Bros Restumping and House Removals arrived Monday and have made great progress on removing the old stumps and digging the larger holes for the new ones. A quick water level around the hall showed that the whole building was virtually twisted and no two parts the same height as any other!

We found some changes to the front and side steps will cost an extra $1200 but that’s within our contingency budget limits so all in all a week in and things are looking pretty good. Our new bingo gear arrived too (yes we’re going all out!) and Keith’s updating the wall mounting to hold the new display. It’s all go (except for lunch)

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Whoa! It’s certainly an interesting view of the state of things under the hall. All this will be totally replaced:

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Well, we’re finally on our way with some action on the hall itself. Keith, Paulo, Terry, David, Brian and Chris have removed the battens around the hall to leave the stumps and their poor state clearly visible. It’s a great start and didn’t go too badly by all accounts.

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RCBB is very happy to hear we’ve been successfully granted money by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund which will now allow us to finally proceed with the much needed restumping of our band hall.

Work is planned to start August 3rd, 2009 and take about two weeks with Lammi Bros Builders doing the business. They’ve been generally very helpful all the way through this very long process of figuring out what to do and now being actually able to do it.

Goss Park’s history as a watercourse has resulted in the ground being a poor quality footing for the hall and subsequently the existing stumps have sunk substantially. Efforts to stabilise the ground through removal of moisture (improved drainage) have been ineffective and engineers have recommended the only way to prevent further damage to the hall – and to bring it back to level – is the total restumping of the building. This will level the building removing the risk of further damage to the structure caused by sinking stumps and ensure it is stable and usable well into the future.

We’ll be putting up photos of before, during and after as the hall goes from sinking wooden stumps to concrete and steel which will suit the clay soil better.

Thanks to all who have assisted in the grant application and information gathering needed to get all this happening – drafting, engineering, soil tests, building quoting, etc. Not to mention the ongoing bingos which fund the general running of the band and allow us to complete this project.

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The members of the Rockhampton City Brass Band wish to advise the banding community of the passing of Keith Munns.
Keith passed away early Saturday morning 23rd February, 2008 after a short illness.

Keith was  well known to bands throughout the country as a player, adjudicator and conductor.

He had competed with a number of A Grade bands, including Townsville Citizens, South Brisbane Federal, Brisbane Excelsior, Toowoomba Municipal, Maryborough Federal and Rockhampton City. He studied conducting and adjudication under the late J. J. Kelly.

He was renowned as a soloist on his chosen instrument, the flugel.
His achievements on this instrument included:

  • Queensland Champion Flugel 1950, 1951, 1953, 1955, 1956, 1959, 1963, 1964
  • Queensland Champion of Champions 1951, 1959
  • Australian Champion Flugel 1952, 1953, 1958, 1960, 1965

He also performed as a soloist on various radio programmes throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Keith was the longest serving conductor of the Rockhampton City Band, wielding the baton from 1961 until 1984, and was acting conductor a number of times after that. He was also president of the band for a number of years until recently stepping aside. Although he no longer played in any band, Keith continued playing his flugel for his own enjoyment until very recently. In later years, he was a fixture in the audience at contests all over the country, and was looking forward to attending the forthcoming National Championships in Brisbane.

He was a Life Member of the Rockhampton City Brass Band, and was only the eighth person to be awarded life membership of the Queensland Band Association.

He will be sadly missed by his friends in bands nationwide.

Keith’s funeral and memorial will be held at 10am, Tuesday 26th February at the East Chappel, Rockhampton Crematorium. There will be a wake held at the Rockhampton City Brass Band hall afterwards.

Please contact a family member or the band if you wish to attend so we can ensure there is adequate space.

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The band has enjoyed a busy lead up to Christmas in 2007 playing at the Rockhampton Carols by Candlelight, the Emu Park Carols by Candlelight and the Capricorn Region Salvation Army’s Carols on the lawn. Great weather and enthusiastic audiences have made the sometimes hectic schedule fun and enjoyable for all.

We also had a great time playing at Rockhampton’s Walk Against Warming and the opening of the RiverfrontRedevelopment with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and several council and parliament members, including Robert Schwarten.

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