Restumping is done!

Friday August 21 saw the hall sitting happily on its new stumps. Sporting a new “flat look” visitors can see just how far parts of it had sunk. Very little internal damage was sustained – the advantage of wooden construction – and the only internal issue is the large instrument cupboard which was built when the hall wasn’t level. Keith has already lowered many of the internal doors back to their proper height and they’re opening and closing as they should – something we haven’t seen for a couple of years!

We’ll post some more “after” photos, but here’s a quick look at the much cleaner area under the hall and the very consistent looking stumps (with sixty tonnes of concrete!). There’s still some plumbing work to complete but things will be working for Bingo’s return and then tidied up next week. There’s a a little more work to fix up the back stairs and decking as well as replacing the battens but then the whole building will be finished.

Well done to Lammi Bros Restumping for a job well done and a big thank you to those who assisted us get to this point. The Gambling Community Benefits Fund provided us with a grant of $28 000 which covered nearly half of the whole cost and has enabled us to undertake the project.

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