Grant funding for restumping the band hall

RCBB is very happy to hear we’ve been successfully granted money by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund which will now allow us to finally proceed with the much needed restumping of our band hall.

Work is planned to start August 3rd, 2009 and take about two weeks with Lammi Bros Builders doing the business. They’ve been generally very helpful all the way through this very long process of figuring out what to do and now being actually able to do it.

Goss Park’s history as a watercourse has resulted in the ground being a poor quality footing for the hall and subsequently the existing stumps have sunk substantially. Efforts to stabilise the ground through removal of moisture (improved drainage) have been ineffective and engineers have recommended the only way to prevent further damage to the hall – and to bring it back to level – is the total restumping of the building. This will level the building removing the risk of further damage to the structure caused by sinking stumps and ensure it is stable and usable well into the future.

We’ll be putting up photos of before, during and after as the hall goes from sinking wooden stumps to concrete and steel which will suit the clay soil better.

Thanks to all who have assisted in the grant application and information gathering needed to get all this happening – drafting, engineering, soil tests, building quoting, etc. Not to mention the ongoing bingos which fund the general running of the band and allow us to complete this project.

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